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Prima ballerina girl…

I guess that after my previous calf bashing post, both ballet and ballerinas in general must have been on my mind.
It must have been what inspired me to purchase a dress which had the word TUTU in its description.
My growing obsesssion with Betty from Mad men probably didnt help the situation either.
I have been an absent blogger for the last two weeks. Rather than devote my spare time to my blogging hobby, which I have grown to love, last week was spent dedicating serious hours into finding the perfect party dress.
My first big party of the holiday season (ALREADY) was looming and I simply needed a new dress.
As always at this time of year cost per wear had entered the equation.  With multiple parties to attend I needed to plan my outfits so I could have maximum wear from purchases why maintaining the air of new outfit mystique.
What other parties was I going to attend, could the outfit double for multiple wears?
Even with all these time-tested theories being calculated within my brain I was still drawn, uncontrollably drawn to the dress.
Baby Pink with a tutu, it still drew me, although highly inappropriate given my advancing years, it looked great with my sparkle stella shoes.  So authentic, it even made that swish sound as I rolled back the years on the dancefloor.
So maybe I was a little harsh with my previous post, because, oddly, in a real tutu, those over-devloped calf muscles somehow looked rather appropriate.

The ballerina dress

Ballerina dress