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Matchy matchy matchy…

This is going to sound like a rant but it has really been annoying me of late!
Yes I got the lecture from my mother too, a lady always matches her shoes and her purse.
In fact despite working in fashion my mother to this day contines to bestow this mantra at me and often scolds me for not abiding by these basic fashion principles.
The thing is this particular rule went away with the dodo and certainly does not apply any more, unless you are making a statement or want that particular look for your outfit,
The problem of late however is not people matching shoes and handbags but all other various accessories and items of clothing.
For instance you should never EVER match your wellies to your scarf especially if they are both Burberry check..you know who you are.
Another strange combination is headbands to shoes, one that I often see but just will never understand?  I do remember doing this as an 8 year old girl but just like my taste in those days for sailor outfits it is something I grew out of.
I have seen all manner of these during the last week, sequin red headband and matching kitten heels, very strange on a lady in her forties.
My particular favorite misdememor has been todays spot on the train home.
Matching blue and crystal earings to gloves..I mean really what do you do once you are inside….
Having been such a bad blogger in the last week I promised myself I will post something every day for the next 10 days…2 days down and I am already ranting..must try harder!


Prima ballerina girl…

I guess that after my previous calf bashing post, both ballet and ballerinas in general must have been on my mind.
It must have been what inspired me to purchase a dress which had the word TUTU in its description.
My growing obsesssion with Betty from Mad men probably didnt help the situation either.
I have been an absent blogger for the last two weeks. Rather than devote my spare time to my blogging hobby, which I have grown to love, last week was spent dedicating serious hours into finding the perfect party dress.
My first big party of the holiday season (ALREADY) was looming and I simply needed a new dress.
As always at this time of year cost per wear had entered the equation.  With multiple parties to attend I needed to plan my outfits so I could have maximum wear from purchases why maintaining the air of new outfit mystique.
What other parties was I going to attend, could the outfit double for multiple wears?
Even with all these time-tested theories being calculated within my brain I was still drawn, uncontrollably drawn to the dress.
Baby Pink with a tutu, it still drew me, although highly inappropriate given my advancing years, it looked great with my sparkle stella shoes.  So authentic, it even made that swish sound as I rolled back the years on the dancefloor.
So maybe I was a little harsh with my previous post, because, oddly, in a real tutu, those over-devloped calf muscles somehow looked rather appropriate.

The ballerina dress

Ballerina dress