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The katie waissel effect

So like most of the UK, my social schedule has been cleared for Saturday night so that I can watch X-Factor.
Danni is defiantly winning this year on the fashion stakes, Cheryl is lagging sorely behind for me with some quite poor dress choices this season.
But the talk of the town is undeniably Katie Waissel.  The girl the UK loves to hate, I have defiantly perched myself on the hate side of the fence.  Katie herself I have no issue with, and although I don’t find her voice particularly pleasant I must admit I have enjoyed quite a few of her performances.
Her growing effect on the population’s hair styles is what I object to.  All of a sudden badly done blond dye jobs, with the accompanying black roots have become fashionable.
As have hair scarfs and increasingly alarming layers of hairspray. Boots must be raking it in with hairspray sales having gone through the roof.

Cool head scarf...NOT

Cool head scarf..NOT

All manner of strange hairbands have also started appearing on the shelves of Topshop and H&M, with hair side bows and sequins flowers gracing the heads of countless teenagers of a Saturday afternoon.
Madonna-esque lace gloves and leggings have also started to make more of an appearance, as have the excessive use of over the top false eyelashes.
Like most women I am partial to a good pair of false eyelashes, I draw the line however at looking as if a pair of oversized butterflies have taken nest on my eye area.  For this trend I can’t solely blame Katie however, as Cheryl and Cheryl have added a lot of fuel to this fire.

A Butterfly seems to have landed on my eye..

A Butterfly seems to have landed on my eye..

So it is with secret loathing that I will watch tonight’s X-factor..poised waiting for the next fashion disaster to emerge…