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The real fashion police…

One of my favorite blogs…The Fashion Police recently wrote a post about a story set in Italy about the fashion police (check out the story here http://www.thefashionpolice.net/2010/10/real-life-fashion-police-italian-town-bans-very-short-skirts-and-too-mcuh-cleavage.html).
The newspaper story, which I had read in Tuesdays metro (below), retells how a Mayor of a small town in Italy is passing laws to ban his towns residents from wearing articles of clothing he deems unsuitable.


the real fashion police

Quite amusingly this article seems to have had the probably undesired affect of making
me day-dream about which Fashion items I would ban if I was appointed the real fashion police.
Overwhelmingly there is just too much choice.  From my all time favorite shoe hate Рthe croc to the evil that is lycra cycling shorts, some fashion items should simply have never come into existence.
For prosperitys sake I have decided to list my top five for official future banning below.
If I ever do then become major of a small town in Italy I shall have a head start on the first action of my manifesto!

Wearing Uggs in the summer with a dress
Crocs on anyone over the age of 5
Lycro cycling shorts
Parachute pants
The Peasant skirt

Parachute Pants

I hate them...Parachute pants


Real peasant?