A fox..you are joking right

Ok first an apology for going back to the silly hats thing..for the third time, but I came upon the following picture today and had to share.

really a fox

Really a fox?

At first I thought Halloween costume, but then if you look carefully you see the real horror, it is a serious outfit.
She is holding a beautiful suede clutch and is wearing what looks like a very lovely coat.  So the hat is clearly a fashion statement of some kind.
If you are wondering wear you can even happen on such an item, which has its own scarf attachment with very handy pockets then the great amazon is one of the sites that is to blame.

Foxy spirit?

Foxy spirit?

Apparently there is a demand to be dressed as all manner of woodland animals..and shamu the killer whale.
To far..its gone far too far…


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