Denier denial…

One fashion item which will always divide the sexes is TIGHTS.  Men (I have been told) hate them and collectively long for the return of stockings.  Women on the other-hand love tights (myself included!).  They keep us relatively warm in our dresses, they are infinitely slimming, they go with all our shoes, and we can own several (hundred) pairs without feeling guilty.  I own a lot of tights, from the purple and red pairs that still haven’t been worn outdoors to my beloved Wolfords that feel like silk against my legs.  Maybe it’s because of this deep unconditional love that in recent days I have become more atune to this crime.  It is a crime of fashion that is prevalent at this time of year, a crime I will simply call…DENIER DENIAL.

denier denial


Double your denier for above the knee, this was a rule I was taught long along.   A light denier and a short skirt will only ever lead to a disaster of the ‘I look like an 80s hooker’ kind.  It’s a simple rule and an easy one to follow but all around me this weekend there was a fragrant and blatant disregard!

More and more in these last days I have found myself in the company of these in DENIER DENIAL law breakers.

I always believed the tights rule to be universal – to transcend culture, continents and even time, being past down mother to daughter through the ages??  But am I wrong have these rules changed, did I not get the Memo?!


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