Is it just me or are they breeding..

I was quite content with myself yesterday, my second post was up and the small few that would read my blog would hopefully find it quite humourous.  I went about my business hence after safe in the knowledge that the Panda had been put to bed.  Imagine my disbelief then when I found myself face-to-face with another.  While innocently mooching around the shops over the weekend I encountered PANDA No2!

Panda No2!

Panda No2!

At first I thought that from afar it must be either my imagination or the same lady.  As the panda drew closer with every step I realised this was not the case.  Our beloved bamboo eating bear had a new owner, in fact it wasn’t the same panda at all-they were breeding!   After my disbelief had faded I headed straight home to research and yes it seems that Panda’s, Bears and in fact all manner of beloved animals are avilable as head gear.–hats/cream-knitted-panda-with-black-ears-beanie-590174

Cute and quirky as they may be surely this fashion item should be restricted to the under 9s or at the very least for on-the-slopes?

Surely such a piece of clothing cannot be worn with serious intent as surely no-one would take you seriously if you were wearing one?

To prove my point – exhibit A – the beautiful SHAKIRA – sheep on head and a mischievous don’t take me seriously grin on face.  Let me know blog world – is this a mini-trend destined to take over?

Sheep Shakira

Sheep Shakira


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