Jungle lovin…

I was a stealth hunter today, undetectable, blending into the background while I stalked my prey in the urban jungle.   I don’t often act like such an idiot but she started it.  When I say she I mean the women who invaded my commute by wearing a woolly panda on her head.  Yep, a woolly panda, once I realised this fashion item was not a practical joke or hang-over induced apparition I needed to stalk it and document is momentous entry into my life.  After all Pandas are natives of the jungles of China and hardly at home on the 8:36 into London.   Should I alert some type of animal control agency as it could have escaped from the not too local Zoo?  Should I inform the local media? “Young girl attacked by escaped panda, I am happy on her head” says Panda.   It would make a wonderful human interest story for the evening news round-up.  These dilemmas and more continued to swirl around my head while I patiently stalked my prey and seized my moment.  Undetected, I sprung and took a picture for prosperity….. they are after all, an endangered species.


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