My very first post…exciting!

Hello Blog world!  Well, this is quite exciting!  I’ve wanted to write my own blog for some time now… and finally I have done it and I have had a thought, a light-bulb moment and hopefully my idea will bring you joy and smiles.

So today I saw a woman wearing a bum-bag (do the American’s still call it a fanny pack?) with a very big smile on her face, bless!

Ok, I am pretty sure the fashion police banned the old fanny pack (it’s an amusing word) a while back and you can do some hard time in a fashion prison for wearing such a thing.  Perhaps she was on her way to a retro party or trying out her outfit for Halloween?  I was close to asking her..but then decided to blog about it instead, what do you think online blog world?

As always..the universe did pay me back later as after going to my spin class I did not change my clothes (yes very stinky) and managed to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror –  grey track bottoms and a shearling aviator – very 80’s and definately a fashion ASBO!!!  So question of the night, that I will continue to ponder are fanny-packs out-lawed?


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